Do you want to discover the secrets that lie beneath the surface of the water? Do you want to experience weightlessness without falling from the roof of a tall building? Waikoloa Coast Divers, a scuba diving school, will help you experience the clear waters of Kona and Kohala Coast in Big Island, Hawaii, and at the same time, make you a part of the beautiful marine wildlife of the area. We offer convenient boat rides to the dive sites, so there is no time lost when it comes to your scuba diving training sessions.

Watch “Liquid Reality” unfold right in front of you. Our team of instructors that work with you and train you so that you can acquire scuba diving certification will help you dive in a variety of coral reef ecosystems and living areas of some of the most exotic and diverse marine species. Our team has extensive experience in providing scuba diving training to beginners as well as people with some knowledge of diving. We make sure that your scuba diving training sessions are safe and fun – We help you become life-long divers. Big Island’s water is warm and conducive for year-long training – so there is no right or wrong time to acquire open water scuba diving certification.

If you are thinking of the reasons why you should choose us over other scuba diving schools in the area, go through the following:


  • Our experience is the biggest reason divers come to us. We have trained many divers, and most of our instructors are passionate divers and boat workers. We only employ pros – so that you are given the best learning experience possible.
  • Our scuba diving training sessions are convenient. No shore diving, short rides, comfortable learning classes.
  • You only have to pay what you are quoted in the first meeting. There are no hidden charges. You are charged for learning material and training. Equipment rentals and boat fees are also included.
  • Our scuba diving training takes care of both the practical and theoretical aspects – not only are you trained in diving but also made to learn the basics of diving.