The North Pacific Humpback Whales migrate to the Hawaiian waters every winter. They arrive from Alaska, their feeding grounds, in December and leave in April; Hawaii is their mating and calving grounds. The Kohala coast on the Big Island has some of the Best whale watching in Hawaii.

Waikoloa Coast Divers offer daily whale watches on the Big Island and is a great Ocean activity for the whole family. The humpback whales are very active; mothers, calves and males included. The males display awesome dominant behavior.

The Kohala coast is perfect for close encounters. The beautiful, clear, shallow and warm waters are ideal for mothers and calves to be safe from predators during calving. Breaching, pectoral fin slapping, tail slapping; these close encounters happen frequently.

Waikoloa coast divers offer the best whale watches just minutes outside of Kawaihae south boat harbor where Lanikai departs from close to all Kohala and Waikoloa resorts. The north pacific humpbacks are plentiful on the Kohala coast of the Big Hawaii and they can come up close to the boat and play; full breaches where they jump totally out of the water. Calves too do pectoral fin slaps, tail slaps, spyhops, tail sailing. The awesome male humpback mating song too is a once in a lifetime experience.

So come whale watch with The whales love us, 40 plus years of knowledge and experience cannot be any BETTER! So come to the Big Island of Hawaii on the Kohala coast December through April and experience something you will never forget.