Waikoloa Coast Divers offer private boat charters in Big Island for families as well as groups that want to experience the beauty and adventure with their people alone. We provide the best private dive boat charters helping you and your family decide how you want to enjoy the Kona coast and the surrounding areas.

Our private dive boat charters are primarily for families and groups that are accompanied by children and inexperienced swimmers. We have the people to help you get on and off the boat and to offer additional assistance that you may need in the water.

Our private boat charters in Big Island, Hawaii, are ideal for two different sets of people – ones who like being on the water and others who love being in the water. There are numerous possibilities, and we offer you countless options to help you make your journey onboard one of the most memorable ones you are ever going to make.

How about snorkeling encounters with Dolphins? Another popular addition to the long list of activities we offer to our guests. Swim with Dolphin pods or see them spin around!

While our boat navigates the Kona and Kohala Coast in Big Island, Hawaii, you and your family will be briefed about what to expect from this experience and how to best enjoy your interaction with Dolphins.

Well, a private party with your people amidst these beautiful surroundings will be a once in a lifetime experience. Charter our boat all to yourself and snorkel the lively, pristine, and beautiful reefs of Kona and Kohala Coast in Big Island, Hawaii. The calm waters here provide snorkelers, no matter what skill level they belong to, a way to comfortably navigate the beautiful coral reefs. This coral reefs view in Hawaii beats all the other similar experience all across the United States. You won’t get a similar opportunity anywhere else in the country.

If you are interested in being a part of this experience, give us a call today. Once you contact us for information about private boat charters in Big Island, we will take some information from you as well to ensure that we tailor the experience to your needs – the number of people in the group, what individuals and group as a whole would like to do on tour, etc.