Daily Dolphin Swim Encounter & Corral Reef Snorkeling

Price: $125.00 ( Includes Snorkel & Wetsuit)
* Includes Humpback Whale Watching: December – April

Time: 12:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Location: Kawaihae South Boat Harbor SLIP 16

Directions: Meet at Ocean Sports Whale Center, 61-3657 Akoni Pule HWY, Next to minutes to stop, Gas Station, Dry Smacks and Fresh Pineapple.


Dolphin encounter Hawaii, dolphin encounter big island Oceanographers and people who are in love with the “Shape of Water” always claim that it is quite impossible to duplicate the conditions of large water bodies – so an aquarium, no matter how large, can never exude the same natural beauty and nurture marine life as natural water bodies do. This will be quite evident to you when you will venture out on the Big Island in Hawaii – looking for dolphin encounters and opportunities to swim with dolphins. The Big Island has opportunities aplenty for people who want to get up close and personal these intelligent creatures. We provide dolphin encounters in Hawaii for people of all ages. No matter you are a teen or adult, you can enjoy this experience with us basic swimming skills. We will make sure that you feel comfortable in deep water. We take groups of people into the water and accompany them in their search for dolphins – we instruct all the snorkelers properly so that their encounter with dolphins on Big Island is a pleasant, unforgettable, and once-in-a-lifetime experience. If you have already read and heard a lot about dolphins, let us add a little of our knowledge to it. Dolphins are intelligent mammals that are playful in their own right – they often like interacting with humans. On occasions when they don’t feel like interacting, they can easily out-swim you. Spinner dolphins are among the most scouted out of all the other varieties for excursions – they are usually found in sheltered bays, resting to get ready for another night-time hunting adventure. We will find you dolphin encounters in open waters to not disturb their sleeping patterns. The Kona and Kohala coasts are the best when it comes to dolphin encounters in Hawaii. The water conditions are adequate, and the weather is favorable almost every day. You might yourself snorkel or swim your way into a pod of dolphins. Having said that, if you want to guarantee your chances of dolphin encounters in Big Island, you must look for our professional tours.