Waikoloa Coast Divers offers awesome live coral reef snorkeling. With great Ocean Activity for the whole family and dolphin encounters daily, come to swim with the Hawaiian spinner dolphins along the Kohala Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii.

The Kohala spinner dolphin pod hunt for squid in deep waters at night, then come into the warm shallow clear waters on the Kohala Coast to rest and sleep. They have the ability to turn half of their brains off and alternate between the two halves and sleep and rest on that specific side.

They come to the boat ride, jumping and spinning and doing flips. Then you slip into the water with mask fins and snorkel, follow the dive master, bring a camera, hear them talking, including the mothers and new borns.

So come and snorkel at the beautiful Kohala Coast’s clear, warm and shallow waters and witness live coral formations, archways, lava tubes, beautiful colorful reef fish and turtles and the turtle cleaning station where the beautiful yellow tang fishes clean the turtles. Lanikai is a 40 ft. custom dive boat with shade, shower, restroom, large swim step, and boarding ladder.

Go on a snorkeling adventure then come back on board to look for the Kohala spinner dolphin pod and snorkel swim with the pod of spinner dolphins. So bring the entire family for an experience of a lifetime. Dolphin encounter on the Big Island is something you don’t want to miss.